About Us

We work to bring healthy, sustainable food to people in metropolitan areas and minimize the effort required through automation.  
In doing so, our systems additionally help to reduce
- CO2 Emission
- Food waste
- Water waste
- Food shortages
To get closer to this goal, we start with our Eevi-lite series for herbs&salads, followed by our Eevis for vegetables.
What we eat decides not only about our own body and well-being, but ultimately also about that of our planet and thus of all of us. In fact, it currently determines 27.4% of our CO2 emissions, 76% of our drinking water and the daily clearing of several football fields of rainforest for agricultural land.
From insights into diverse cuisines around the world, a wealth of lived experience in service mentality from gastronomy and startup culture, nutritionally tuned, flavorful recipes, and a passion for technology, Eevi Gardens was born. 
For us, the root of a better self and a better future is found in food. Food equals life. Of course, food and nutrition can be worlds apart, just as good nutrition does not necessarily mean good taste. 
We have embarked on a journey through various sciences and industries, studying old and new developments, disassembling and reassembling them. The result: the Eevi series.
Everything you need, no more, no less. High-quality salads, herbs and vegetables from around the world to grow in the smallest space in their own homes, to take what you need and what not just let live.
For the implementation, we have combined the technology of hydroponics - plants take root in mineralized water instead of soil - which has been proven for centuries, with the latest lighting technology. Our Eevi's are optimally adjusted to the life cycles of the plants support the natural potential from seed to harvest. 
The final product: fresh herbs, salads and vegetables directly to process, without transport, water waste and as much as you need. 
The freshness brings, besides taste, also a maximum of nutritional values that will keep you efficient and healthy. 
Eevi is designed for those who want more health, more control over your food as well as its environmental impact, and a little more green in their own homes.