Achtsamer Veganismus mit Blattgemüse, Kräutern und Microgreens

Mindful Veganism with Salads, Herbs and Microgreens

While going plant based is definitely a sustainable choice, proper research should be done before making the decision. People should be mindful of all resources available to them and consume an adequate mix of plants to keep up with daily nutrient needs. The advantages of consuming salads, herbs and other microgreens are well documented throughout the scientific literature. Usage of some herbs dates back to as early as 2500 B.C. in Egypt.


Salads are a rich source of fibre that helps improve our digestive tract. Herbs on the other side contain protective polyphenols, plant antioxidants that help avert diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and other heart related ailments. Microgreens are packed with important vitamin and minerals required to keep our brain healthy in long term. Thus consuming a plant based diet is a compounding habit that reaps rewards in averting slowly developing diseases and ailments. 


Research has also established that regular consumption of some microgreens stimulates the brain to produce hormones that make people more energetic and happy. Salad contains high levels of water which keeps the skin hydrated and provides it with a youthful tone along with keeping it fresh. 


Some of the most commonly consumed herbs include Basil, Cilantro, Parsley, Marjoram, Rosemary. Basil is highly effective against chronic diseases, while cilantro helps keeping the digestive tract healthy in longer term. Parsley is a great remedy for keeping the urinary system healthy. Marjoram is anti-inflammatory and helps in soothing. Sage has long been used in the ancient societies against sore throats and help provide respiratory support. (Source)


The best part about consuming herbs and microgreens is the ease with which they can be added to most of the cooking recipes. Be it sprinkling some crushed parsley or dill on your mashed potatoes, or treating the herbs and microgreens like lettuce for your salad. It is easy, and ingredients can be added at the last step of the cooking. Mixing herbs and microgreens with vegan cheese, and then using it as a spread for black bread is a quick healthy meal packed with proteins and good amount of carbs.

Photo by louis_ansel from unsplash


Currently the best way to procure microgreens and herbs is to grow them in your garden, in a pot at windowsill or using an indoor garden. The conditions in which they grow greatly influences the nutrient content of the yield. When buying cut herbs make sure that the leaves are not wilted or yellowish, instead more bright or deep green. Herbs are highly perishable and lose their nutrient content quickly after being detached from the plant. Hence, most of the available options at the supermarkets are nutrient deficient with a very low shelf life.



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