Ein kurzer Blick in die Zukunft der Indoor-Gärten

A sneak peak into the future of Indoor Gardens

The onset of summer brings around sprawling gardens in the balconies or rooftops in urban areas. Maintaining a garden every morning while enjoying the sun sets you up in a perfect mood to counter the day. After a few weeks of hard work, people are able to enjoy fresh tomatoes, basil, and other countless herbs from their very own garden. However, this privilege is not available to every urban dweller. Also, the joy of eating fresh vegetables lasts only for the summer. Thus providing indoor gardens to urban dwellers is a problem worth tackling.


As we know the conditions that a vegetable plant needs so as to grow in an outside environment, with the advent of technology, we can simulate these conditions inside a house. Sun, is the first and the foremost resource  required for a healthy vegetable plant life. Modern developments in the labs have created LEDs that can emulate the natural sunlight by up to 98%. These LEDs are good substituents for the sun. The second requirement is soil, wherein the plants grow. However, soil is not necessary for plant growth. Plant only needs the nutrients that are inside the soil and water. These nutrients can also be supplied in liquid form, thus making it possible to grow plants just in water. This discovery was made in 1870s, and henceforth the term Hydroponics has been widely used for this method. 

Designed by macrovector / Freepik

Combining the LEDs and the modern concepts of Hydroponics we have created a small Indoor Garden for urban households. Our design includes water tank, with 12 pods each containing growth medium. The growth medium is used to keep the stem in place while the roots are suspended in water. The growth medium is a re-usable substrate that also helps to keep any pests from the plant away. We encapsulate the plants with our self designed LED panel. The panel emits light in three different modes. First Flowering, second Growth and third Yield. Our smart panel ensures that the plant gets the most optimum light for each stage. All in all our system is smart enough to create conditions to grow even the seasonal vegetables like tomatoes all year around.

We intend to create a product, that enables you to grow your vegetables in a sustainable manner along with adding aesthetic value to your living space. The yield is fresh, nutritious and sustainably sourced food option. Watching plants grow and experiencing life up close helps improve your mental health. Also, living rooms with more plants or greenery feel more welcoming. The product additionally provides ambient natural light that keeps the room atmosphere elated. It is our vision to provide all the urban dwellers a garden of their own. 


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